Counsel Tonny Kitara Threatens to Drag Gulu Municipal to Court .

Counsel Tonny Kitara

Counsel Tonny Kitara has threatened to drag Gulu municipal Council to court if the do not come out clear on issues sorounding land within the municipality.

We are simply seeking declarations that land within the municipality which is in the possession of our people under Customary tenure and where Gulu Municipal Council has no Land Title nor belongs to those in possession be given out to them on FREEHOLD Titles and NOT Leasehold title as proposed by the Municipality authority..

According to Kitara, for years Gulu Municipal Council has been claiming that all land within the municipality belong to Council. This is what am challenging because it is not backed by any law or documents.

“We served the Town Clerk with the same copy of the letter but he refused to stamp on our copy saying he wants to first consult”

Efforts by, N24Newsroom to reach the town clerk on his known phone where fruitless because he never picked up his calls.


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