Bosmic is NOT Dull He Sat for Wrong Paper -Odokonyero says. Ot Bell Malu!

Bosmic pose for a picture with some of his fans

Politically stuttering northern Uganda singer Bosmic Otim is nursing a deadly uppercut hook from UNEB. He won’t recover from the punch early enough to have a shot at his Kitgum 2021 ambitions.

Anywar, formerly of Mabira Forest, now of a shouting yellow breed must be pleased with the UNEB job on Bosmic’s jaws.

In a tussle with the talented and crude singer, Anywar could have been left mangled. That would be terrible for someone who’s just entered with a whetted appetite in the much longed for Yellow Eatery House.

Bosmic is now none of Anywar’s worries. UNEB has sorted that out for her and potentially saved parliament from a mediocre legislator.

But Bosmic is not a dull man. His songs are a brilliant commentary on Acoli culture, way of life, history, experiences and Acoli intersection with the rest of Uganda.

But even this crucial knowledge that could have come in handy in his General Paper examinations came to naught (he got an F in GP as he did in the rest of the subjects).

The logical conclusion on why a brilliant singer could fail his exams in such a spectacularly embarrassing manner can be explained by three reasons

(1)- He sat for the wrong papers

(2) He was tasked to answer questions in a language in which his proficiency is suspect (in leb Acoli, Bosmic is super articulate).

(3) Music can empower but UNEB wasn’t testing the lyricism in vocal cords.


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