Illicit Trade: Northern Artist Sidelined, Promoters Reaping Millions from the Region-Tempra Omona Roars


Illicit Trade: Northern Artist Sidelined, Promoters Reaping Millions from the Region with no local artist on their show list. Tempra Omona Pokes into Capital Fm Regional Show

First it was the western artist against Buganda artists, today, Northern Uganda groomed artist Tempra Omona woke up on the bad side and made outright claim on the ongoing capital fm music show in Gulu as outrageous as key artist from the region are sidelined.

Capital FM, thanx for promoting my music early in my career. That’s said let’s dissect what Gulu is saying.

It’s a known fact that every huge event in Gulu with a big budget has to feature an almost all Central line up, fine we all know regardless of where u come from as an artist as long as your music crosses and your loved by the fans making you fly with open wings.

 Let’s not reduce it to weather central guys performing here and us not performing there is ok. These are usually events with huge budgets guaranteed.

I have been thru a few where they literally brought even the not so popular, and the crowd could be seen wondering powerlessly why they never got more of their own who could have excited them, why do they have to #Force_Feed us?

Yes if they wanted they would have included more.. but even if they hired our own, don’t rush to demand what you loaned him, because he/she will be paid a million at best and the rest 6m-7m, and I belief the sole intention to even include us is to say yes we hired your guys too.

At this point I want to say to the gullible fans, I notice a few of you always easily say “Work harder, make better music, videos etc…it is that financial empowerment our boys and girls are being locked off that has to bring the good music.

These guys go back with millions and get to the best videos and studios #Not_Their_Fault. .So is it the bosses? Is it central agenda? Anyway I categorically expected Capital to know this better. But…….. its not their fault because most breweries and telecom companies have done the same and will keep on doing it.

I am sure all other categories of service providers have been locked off too, Mcs, chairs hires, cleanup crew members etc..not even the advert was done by our own who speaks well, it ended up a disaster.

To the central Artists we are doing what u always do fighting for our growth, remember you (we) have always complain about dominance of Nigerian/Jamaican even on airplay? You understand how it feels…this is about those agenda corporate companies and their selective empowerment.

Uganda remember we complain about Indian Companies in Uganda only employing their own? Now relate…the media that we have, its high time we build Ugandan music industry not  just #Buganda_Music_Industry.. Look at how many accolades the sports fraternity has got from #other Ugandans and imagine how many the music industry could .. Let’s not blame the chosen artists it’s their pay day and as the furry goes on let’s look at the selecting authority.


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