Odonga Otto in Tears, Wants Parliament Disciplinary Committee to Screw Akol


Hon. Odonga Otto, Aruu County Member of Parliament has asked Parliament to intervene in their struggle with fellow legislator Anthony Akol of Kilak North who punch him last week.

Otto made this plea while on floor of parliament on Wednesday saying members of his constituents want him to revenge but he is skeptical not to take the matters into his hand.

The pronouncement came with wide spread laughers that instead upset the motto mouth politician.

“I have been ridiculed as you can see from the laughers by my fellow MPs. I seek your indulgence in this matter so that it’s taken to the Committee of Rules and Discipline. My people are very angry and we don’t want to take this matter in our hands,” he said.

His plea comes a week as the two had bitter brawl in the lobby of the parliament where Akol is accused to have hit Odonga in the face.

Genesis of the scuffle.

According to an eyewitness, Akol asked Odonga Otto as to why he was de-campaigning him-Akol while on a visit to his constituency.  

it’s alleged that Otto asked voters to eject Akol from the August House because had been cited in dubious land dealing with government.

However, Akol warned Otto to watch his action and stop forthwith accusing him less he acts. But Otto insisted that Akol had indeed sold land in Lakang and this prompted Akol to forced Odonga to eat his words with a punch that saw him taken to Nakaesero hospital for emergency care.

While at the floor Otto acknowledged that he had told the gathering that Akol had received Shs300m from Madhivani group in the events leading to the fight.

Glueto the mockery in the house, the speaker was left speechless but all we can say is she is yet to decide whether the disciplinary committee can be brought on board or the two asked to settle their dispute on mutual grounds.

Game Over
Game Over – Credit Chris A. Ogon.


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