Stop Blackmail, DP Stalwarts Told Mao for Presidency -Ignore Him at Your Own Peril.

Norbert Mao

Guest Post I Mwaka Lutukmoi: ALL the smear campaigns that Hon Norbert Mao is a mole and that he must not run are mere smear campaign.

Of late, all media spins of opposition and NRM are busy tearing him apart. They opened up fake accounts on Facebook amplifying hate and false statements on Hon Norbert Mao against Hon Bobi wine.

What amused me was this fake statement ” THE CHANCE OF BOBI WINE BECOMING UGANDA’S PRESIDENT IS AS SLIM AS HON NAMBOOZE BECOMING MISS WORLD- BEAUTY PEAGANT ” They quoted him. This was clear madsling. It’s akin to quotes I see being alluded to Late President Mugabe even when he is dead. (Laughing). They are forcing Bobi to respond. This is clearly regime propaganda.

The decapaign and smear campaign against president Norbert Mao emanated from Luwero Bush war. By the NRM propagandists who some are now in opposition and claim holiness. The strategy wasn’t on president Mao but Okello, Obote and Amin people. The Rwandese with alliance of some Ugandans ensured that they uplift tribalism and hatred. The west, central and south against the North.

The Norbert Mao you are tearing apart now stands loved by the North, East and many Ugandans. He stood with the people against the genocide being committed on Ugandans.

It was Mao who exposed the excesses of Museveni and his Generals. The Mukura massacres in Teso, the Atiak massacre in Acholi, Achol-pii where they cooked hundreds of people alive. The mucwini and many others, like Lukwir massacre. The Barlonyo massacre in early 2000 when over 300 people in Lango were beheaded. Imagine, in the years you were in government you declared him a terrorist, to day you call him mole, I think Ugandans are beginning to understand.

It was Mao, Olum, Okello, Okumu, Cecilia Ogwal, okullu Epak etc who stood up. The Winnie Byanyimas, Nobel Mayombos, Kutesa, Elly Tumwine and NRM movers in parliament and government, declared Mao and all Northern MPs ” moles” that time was ” kony collaborator ” now the same people with their proxies, call him ” Museveni mole” even Museveni calls him my ” good DP”

By the way, all these are planned. In their opinion, they wanted President Mao to degenerate into an MP, and must support their candidates.

President Norbert Mao, for 4 years, spent time working for unity in opposition and swallowed his pride to support opposition candidate, not that he is not better, he even drafted special purpose vehicle, but ignored. Isn’t this patriotism?

He tried to unite DP to back one person, Hon. Bobi wine, but he was betrayed by DP faction sponsored by his opponents. Hon Bobi wine was made to never unite with Mao. This is sad. I respect president Mao, he kept on encouraging unity. But after sensing betrayal, he opted to rebuild DP, set structures and organize a delegates conference. Now his haters are planting and sponsoring opponents to stop him. Yes, President Mao declared presidency at 27 in 1996, you may try to block him but won’t stop him.

Now I see, over 5 DP sponsored by a section of those who fear him to stop him from being DP President again. They falsely accused him of being a mole, damaging the Party and corruption ( its laughable, President Maowas chairman Gulu and he is the least corrupt person in world I know- even EC praised DP accountability) .

A UYD, Brenda Nabukenya said “if elected, I will bring DP to support Bobi wine ” this statement beats logic. It was president Mao who wanted DP to build and back Hon Bobi. He introduced him in several DP activities. But when Hon Bobi wine set up a team, majority DP members of parliament, and leaders, president Mao humanly felt abused, ridiculed and scathed.

Miss calculations. Ignore Mao?

The politicians who ignore Mao does it on their own peril. The smear campaign against him is false and the fact is, northern people, love him and adhores him because he stood with them. Elite Ugandans love him, because since being GUILD President Makerere, in 1990 he didn’t leave the people, remained DP and suffered with his people . He has a base.

Like Mao, I believed a United opposition, will see an end to Musevenism. The only person in the last two years that wrecked harvoc on the regime has been Hon Bobi wine. He caused cracks. If opposition rallied behind him, a better dividend would be achieved.

But it has increasingly become harder. I have always called for unity like president Norbert Mao and all Ugandans. But with Dr Besigye back and warning up, with General Muntu almost there, with Hon Bobi wine up on it, and President Norbert Mao declared, unity is infatuation!

Way forward.

There have strong four candidates with political base. Hon Bobi wine has big youth across the country and Buganda.

Norbert Mao has a huge elites support and Northern Uganda listens to him especially Acholi.

Then Dr . Besigye has traditional support across the country and Rukungiri.

General Muntu has the military and we are yet to see his base.


Stop abusing, smearing and blackmailing each other. I see most FDC, PP, DP activist spending the little energies they have to tear each other. You are giving early Christmas gift to the crimminal regime. Attacking and writing off each other wont help remove Museveni and yet 40 years of terror and pillage of Uganda’ s wealth by the regime seems too much!


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