Northern Uganda Goes Online with Better Content, Simplicity & Mobile Usability.

Pat Robert Larubi
Pat Robert Larubi - Team leader Northernews Wire

Northern Uganda goes online with the release of Northernews WIRE (, a digital / online media outlet dedicated to providing authentic, balanced and accurate news reporting for and about Northern Uganda.

Pat Robert Larubi, Founder and Team Leader, Northernews Wire says the initiative was born out of the need to address the critical lack of information that accurately represents the region.

“The North is steadily recovering from the over two decades of turmoil. We believe that uniformed people are people at risk of not making rational decisions about what affects their lives, thus the creation of Northernews Wire” Pat said.

According to Pat Larubi, with the initiative in place, they want to capture and archive all oral knowledge, events, news and information in and out of the region at no cost.  Adding that, with their over 20,000 fans the team will work at all cost to ensure they stand at the forefront of digital journalism and being cited as one of the most influential 24/7 online news website in Northern Uganda.

He further reveal that their aim is to reach the huge, untapped population and unique market base with latest news and information around politics, human rights, education, business, health care services, art and culture as well as oil and gas reports for them to be able to make informed decisions on what matters to them most and above all be inspired to tell their stories because UNLESS THE PEOPLE BEGIN TO TELL THEIR STORIES NO ONE WILL. 

“We are set to provide our people with instant firsthand news and information that puts them in control of their surroundings, unearth complex real life stories, development discourse and showcase our rich cultural heritage in this single information hub”

Besides News publication, the Northernews Wire will also offer media training and consultancy services including press coverage and event photography, press release writing and distribution. Digital / online Ad placement, social media marketing and live feed broadcast rallies, crusades, press conferences, workshops and product launch.

Words are not enough to express the intention behind the creation of this beautifully crafted website all we can say is invite you to check it out at . Key sections of the site like the “Opportunity” tab is a bridge for those looking out for jobs, scholarship, grants and tender. However, prospective advertisers are encouraged to share available opportunities with the team at Northernews Wire for publication and maximum reach.

However, as the site comes out of edge we are excited to let you know our plan of getting it officially launch. We need to embrace it as one of our very own, a conduit through which we can collectively voice our concerns.

Needless to say, we cannot do it all alone. We need your help and any amount of your in-kind material donation in regards to media work tools and/or generous financial support towards Northernews Wire will make it one of the most indispensable source of news and information for and about Northern Uganda.

Together we can “Re-write the Narrative of Northern Uganda”. Getting Involved email: or call +256392898056 Cheers


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