Bickering Over Abuse of Funds, DP Parliamentarian Want Mao Investigated.


Members of Democratic Party (DP Parliamentary cause have come to question the ongoing party leader renewal process and irregular use of party funds by the current leadership of Norbert Mao.

According to DP Whip Joseph Gonzaga SSewungu, party members have been frustrated by the unexplained failure by Moa’s leadership to avail party cards and village registers.

Ssewungu said this while addressing a press conference at parliament with a group of other fifteen leaders who expressed their dissatisfaction over Mao’s failure to undertake the process of leadership renewal in a manner that follows the party constitution.

They allege that individuals from the party headquarters have undertaken their own activities of distributing personally sanctioned party registers outside the party procedures and have also gone ahead to distribute party cards without serial numbers of their supporters.

The party has suffered a lot of internal bickering and fights witnessed in a number of districts offices like Masaka, Wakiso, Mukono and Makindye.

Party leaders allude to the friction at DP to a number of issues and for the registration they stressed lack of funds as a hindrance to getting the cards and register printed.

However, Ssewungu rubbished the claims of lack of funding saying DP receives shs370m every quarter from the Electoral commission to run all these petty petty party activities.

“The party president should come out, explain and make available accountability for funds received from Electoral Commission, borrowed from various sources, contributed by party members and generated from the party contribution’ The legislator demanded.

Ssewungu added that the party should embark on ensuring that the leadership renewal is carried out transparently and reflects the will of party members an opposed to the will of self-seeking in the party ranks.

As such they have asked the IGG to take interest in the matter and carry out investigations in the use of the funds.

“The Inspectorate of Government should take interest in the matters and carries out investigations in the issue of party funds”


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