Kololo Stunt: Will This End Bosmic’s Political Parody of NRM?


Northern Uganda singer, Bosmic Otim openly came out last week and explained what his meeting with Museveni was all about after a photo of him, the president and other confidants leak.

“I went to meet Museveni to claim for my money for a song I did for him years ago, I wanted my money’ Bosmic said.

The development sparked a wave of public reaction with outright claims that Bosmic, a strong crusader of Peoples Power, a political pressure group manned by Robert kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had been compromised.

 Titus Tugume, a political commentator out rightly outmatched Bosmic’s action to that of Judas Iscariot in the bible.

According to Tugume, this did not surprise him or those who know the character and personality of Bosmic.

“I once shared it on social media that PP has been infiltrated and people attacked me and now with all these happenings what more will they need to confirm that the system had already been infiltrated? Tugume said.

“Comrade please let us remain united and stop betraying the struggle, I would like to warn you that NRM junta have planted a lot of spies among us including this man Bosnic Otim” Sebastian Sebi said in a social media post.

But all seen and said, Bosmic is not complaining and in any case this is what he had been waiting for.

Appearing at Pece stadium during a celebration to mark 2019 Northern Uganda Music Award giving ceremony, Bosmic willingly told the mammoth crowd that President Yoweri Museveni had agreed to pay his money. “Don’t suspect me in any wrongful act if you see me driving a brand new car soon’.

Flash back

After his appointment as the Northern Wing Youth Leader, Bosmic embarked on his role as a mobilizer and popularized People Power Movement as it gained ground in the region and the only price he got was the inhuman treatment, brutal arrest and being hurt in the head during two foiled rallies in Gulu town one at Cerelenu and the other at Gulu main market.

Well what do you think Bosmic could have done to escape from the filthy rich and warm arms of NRM or resist NRM’s forbidden fruit, drag and languish in Poverty? That is for another day.


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