Redevelopment of Gulu Airport, President Museveni Give a Green Light

Courtesy Photo: President Museveni at the launch of Uganda CRJ900 jet

The quest for Gulu airport to be revamped and expanded to an international standard by local leaders and business community is on course after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni endorsed a face-lift to the airport.

An Artistic impression of Gulu Airport

President Museveni pledged to revamp the airport following a setback the facility suffered during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel activities in Northern Uganda.

Museveni said Gulu airport was active and one of the country’s busiest airports in the 1960s but inevitably degenerated especially during the two-decade long LRA rebellion between 1986 to 2006 before the notorious LRA rebels were flashed out. 

Museveni also explained that the airport once rebuilt will encourage foreign tourists intending to visit Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison Falls to fly and land directly in Gulu as opposed to passing via Entebbe Airport. 

Moses Laker, a concerned citizen in Gulu town welcomed the President’s pledge as a long overdue gesture to the business community and accelerate economic recovery of post war Northern Uganda.

Meanwhile, Gulu District Council Speaker, John Okwonga, also applauded Museveni for the initiative and urged that the process should be quickened given Gulu’s rapid development as a regional business hub.

Gulu Airfield located three kilometers north west of the central business district has been mostly used for military and civil operations. The airdrome has a single paved runway and is situated over 1,000 metres above the sea level.  

In July this year, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced that it is seeking 600 billion Uganda Shillings redevelop Gulu Airport and two other regional airfields that includes Arua and Kasese to international standards.  


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