It was Gulu University 15th graduation ceremony, agenda set and focused on the developing a state of the Art University in the Northern City of Gulu.

In his speech, Prof. George Openyjuru Ladaah, the Vice Chancellor of University never stammered but hit straight on his long requests list for cash towards the development of the University.

Top on his list was the need to secure:

  • 35Billion shillings for the construction of Business Development Centre
  • 18 Billion for Teaching hospital so they can get out of Lacor and Gulu Regional hospital
  • 16 Billion for New Administrative Block
  • 14 Billion for New Senate Building
  • 45 billion to aid the general expansion of the University.  
  • 100million to go towards University’s SACCO.
  • 13 Billion shillings to Improve staffing

According to Openyjuru, the has only 430 staffs among who 230 are academic staffs. These make only 22% of the approved national levels thus the need to deal with wage challenge by increasing it to at least 50%.

He notes that, whereas Lira University, Muni University and Soroti University among others benefitted from infrastructural development, Gulu University was never given a spot in Government seed funding programme.

“I implored the President and Ministry of Education consider the request for more funding to Gulu University so that we can take on mega expansion of existing facilities, our goal is to increase enrollment from the current 4,500 to 10,000” Openyjuru said.

In his remarks Museveni kept silent on all the above mentioned demand but was glad to contribute 100 million towards the University’s staff Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO).

He also gave a green-light for the construction of an eight billion Shillings’ Gulu University Teaching Hospital. This was no surprise since he “Museveni” had spent half his time preaching the importance of science education over the other causes which he considered not very useful because of the high number of graduates in past combing the streets in search of jobs.

He tipped Penjuru and the team to at Gulu University to innovate and graduate to science related disciplines if they want 100% government support.

Overall, 1,513 students 870 males and 643 females graduated from 47 different academic on that day.


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