Laika Betty Shereed

A social entrepreneurs, worker and business woman, Laika has a new vision for Omoro.

Born to Mr Layika Ojara and Mrs. Peace Ojara of Lamola, Odek Village, Omoro District.  She is an old girl of Gulu High School (GHS) and Makerere High college but relocated to United Kingdom (UK) in pursuit of her future career.

She is the Managing Director of New Dawn Health Care and Employment Limited in the UK. A trained social services worker with over ten years of experience and has been privately championing the needs of the most vulnerable people in the UK and back in Uganda.

She teamed up with other likeminded Ugandans to give life to Burgees Parkrun, a voluntary grassroots initiative that brings people together for a common cause. The Parkrun has been very instrumental in uniting Ugandans in the Diaspora and networking with potential donors.  

Laika has maintained a strong link back home and part of her wider community as witnessed in her continued quarterly visit where she has been able to observe a number of pressing issues where people in her home town of Omoro District have endured.

After a decade in the UK, Laika has taken a toll to shoulder some of the challenges specifically the leadership gap by declaring her intention to run for the District Woman Member of Parliament seat for Omoro District.

“I want to contribute to the development of my home district in alignment with my vision for a better Omoro” Laika said.

And this she says will be attained through,

  • A united, peaceful and prosperous new district.
  • Spearhead equitable development in the district.
  • Advance opportunities for affordable, accessible and quality education and healthcare for all.
  • Spearheading a special education projects for Girl-Child and Early Childhood Education. 
  • Promotion of respect and values for cultural institutions and traditional leaders.
  • Genuinely representing the people of Omoro and provide fair, responsible and progressive ideas for development.
  • Providing leadership where equal opportunities are availed to every member of the constituency.
  • Collaborating with Local Government leaders to move the economy from poverty alleviation to wealth creation of the populace.
  • Supporting agricultural sector as a base for increased household income for everyone in the district, map-out strategies and access to new markets including exports.
  • Adhering to the rule of law and be a conduit for conflict resolution in the district while working closely with traditional leaders, interfaith, women and leaders to mitigate any conflict in the district and its neighboring districts.

Laika is shielded in her dream, her intention to represent the people of Omoro presents a new and fresh perspective for the people of Omoro.

We asked what makes her a better leader? Laika said, her personality traits driven by the urge to unify, listens, and progressively guide her electorate on both short and long-term principles to bring change makes her an ideal candidate.

Laika is optimistic that her business friendly personality and connections will able to attract investors in the sector of banking, education, health care, and agriculture to come contribute to the development of Omoro District.

Rwot Jimmy Ochan Luwala, Rwot of Puranda, who also doubles as the chairperson of all clan chiefs convened a meeting where they shared their heart most felt feelings about Laika’s take on politics.

According to Rwot Jimmy, they as clan leaders will deny blessing to all previous leaders who went out and became deceptive in their quest to serve the community.

“Ugandan politicians come dupe votes with hefty promises but when they go through the last thing in their mind is their electorate, it’s their demand first on table and not that of their electorates year in and out and we need to change this” Rwot Ochan said,

Adding that having worked her way out in life, Laika has come out to bridge the gap by helping her people who have been left to suffer for years and given her position they are hopeful she is truly the person Omoro has been waiting for.


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