Several farmers in Kitgum and Lamwo districts are counting loses from sales of sim sim following a sharp price drop.

Local leaders in the two districts known to be the largest producers of sim sim in the region attribute the price drop to exploitation by middlemen from central region and Lira district who have invaded the area.

Joachin Opoka Ocan, Lokung sub-county LCIII chairperson says farmers in his area are being cheated with a kilogram selling between shillings 3,000 to 3,500 shillings only.

According to Opoka, most farmers are trailed all the way to their homes and farms by the so called middlemen.

“Farmers have a low bargaining power and as such they are left helpless with no firm ground tto ask for the right price”

Ocan says as opposed to the cheap prices offered by the middlemen, farmers should have been selling their sim sim at Shillings 4,000 if they are to earn profits.

He notes that despite outcry from farmers who are affected by the low prices, helping them has also become difficult since many are selling their goods in bulk to get cash to meet their daily needs.


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