It was all pomp and glamour at Gulu University’s 15th graduation ceremony yesterday as parents and grandaunts anxiously waited for the main event to roll on.

However, the back and forth announcement that came with postponements of activities in the pretext that they could not be conducted in the absence of the chief guest, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was a total bore.

In the hot scotching sun guest patiently waited for Jaja Museveni who was meant to be at the venue by 11;30am but only showed up at about 1:47pm.

At the time of his arrival, all grandaunts had been confirmed and those who were feeling tired and hungry were already sneaking out of the venue.

This propelled the event MC to pass a request note urging all visitors at large to be patient and wait for the chief guest.

However, his call yielded no fruit as people continued walking out of the venue prompting him to place a directive that all gates be locked until when the guest finally makes it to the venue.

With orders from above the gates were locked up, parents stranded and cursed.

Unlike in other graduation where food and drinks are served to guest, at Gulu University it was strictly a bottle of mineral water to help quench the thirst amidst the scotching sun.

Yes, there was no option for lunch and so those who could not wait any longer as they were left starving patched their way out of the gate on pretext that they were going to find something to eat and made no return.

When it came to the time of giving speeches the fully parked venue was almost empty with an exception few NRM cadres clad in yellow t-shirts, university lecturers and a few old fox’s.


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