At 96, Obadiah Akaki, Obote’s Only Surviving Passes on.

Akaki Greets-President-Museveni - Online Photos

The only surviving brother to former President of Uganda Dr. Apolo Milton Obote has passed on today Friday from his village in Akokoro, Apac district, Northern Uganda.

Sam Engola, the NRM National Vice Chairman for Northern Uganda posted saying, “It was so saddening to learn about the passing on of my beloved friend and the only surviving brother to former President, Dr. Apolo Milton Obote (RIP) Mzee Obadiah Akaki who passed on this morning at the age of 96,”

Jimmy Akena, Lira Municipality Member of Parliament confirmed the passing on of his uncle with a brief social media post.

‘My 96+ year Uncle Obadia Akaki passed away in the early hours of this morning from his home in Akokoro. Funeral arrangements will be communicated” said Akena.

It’s not clear what could have killed him but Akena closely linked it to old age and illness that he has been battling for a long time.

Whereas the whole family was inclined to UPC ideology, Obadiah proved he was different. In 2011, he strongly came out and supported President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and sparked a wave of defection to the ruling party.

Notable are, Rebecca Otengo, David Ebong, the chairman LCV Lira then Franko Ojur now a senior presidential advisor on Lango affairs and Uganda’s ambassador in London, Julius Peter Moto. (additional report from Chimp)


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