1-Hon Olanya Gilbert talked 129 times

2-Hon Aol Betty Ochan spoke 105 times

3-Hon Otto Edward Makmot talked 73 times

4-Hon Okin PP Ojara talked 38 times

5- Hon Komakech Lyando talked 33 times

6-Hon Oyet Simon talked 27 times

7-Hon Atim Beatrice Any war talked 26 times

8-Hon Lowila C.D Oketayot talked 24 times

9-Hon Akello from Amuru talked 22 times

10-Hon Odonga Otto talked 13 times

11- Hon Achiro Lucy talked 12 times

12-Hon Okot Peter talked 10 times

13-Hon Akol Anthony talked 09 times

14-Hon Lamwaka Margret talked 06 times

15- Hon Lamwaka Catherine talked 06 times

16-Hon Okumu Ronald Reagan talked 04 times

17-Hon Lanyero Molly talked 03 times

18-Hon Obaloker Hilary Onek talked 02 times

18-Hon Ogenga Latigo spoke 02 times

19-Hon Omony Oscar talked 00 times

20-Hon Oryem Henry Okello talked 00 times.

The best MP is Hon Bahati who spoke 396 times on the floor of Parliament Overall, the survey looked at the MP’s submission on the floor of Parliament between June 2018 and July 2019.

Credit I Daily Monitor


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