He proclaimed his fame in 2020, but what a way to start off the new year behind bars? Anyhow, Police in Gulu yesterday arrested singer Lil Roy for failing to honour a show on new year’s day at Boma Hotel in Kitgum Municipality.

Oyella Jackie, the reigning miss tourism Northern Uganda and the brain behind “Lil Roy 2020” show was shocked after the artist failed to turn up even after knowing very well that he was set to headline the show.

According to Oyella, Lil Roy raised fans expectation and talk ability shortly after making a grand appearance on a radio talk show and participating in a road drive.

 The twist, “After the road drive, Lil Roy went for a mini show at Acholi Bur we anxiously waited for him in Kitgum not knowing he had decided to travel back to Gulu for the Northern Uganda Music Awards festival at Pece stadium” Oyella said.

Efforts to reach him yielded no fruit as fans demanded for him and with no clear explanation of his whereabouts scuffle ensured prompting the intervention of police to calm the rowdy crowd that demanded a refund of their hard earned money.

“I met all his expectation why would he dupe his loyal fans? I need 2million shillings in damage.  My decision to file a case in this regard is for him to serve as an example for the many shoddy artists who rob from prospective event organizers”

According to Oyella, the said fee will go towards covering the cost of radio announcement, talk show, road drive, artist performance and hire of venue.

 Another event organizer who preferred to be anonymous noted that many artists become greedy during the festive seasons. They sign up for all sorts of gigs in the name of making quick cash even when they surely know they will not show up.

“I have a list of artist who have acted otherwise even after paying them huge sums of money, it’s not Lil Roy as an individual, the rot is wide spread eating up all these established local and national artists we just need to find a better way of resolving the problem beyond dropping them behind bars”

Lil Roy remains to be locked up at Gulu central Police pending investigation and transfer to Kitgum where the said case was logged on him.


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