Suicide a global phenomenon, no one is safe as lives continue to be taken away one by one due to suicide.

We crossed over to Kenya where a 37-year old man left residents of Zamzam area in Likoni in shock after he hanged himself because his family had neglected him, yet he was unwell.

Kevin Majiwa killed himself outside his rental apartment and left a long suicide note, pointing an accusing finger at his family, whom he claimed don’t love him.

That Majiwa was a frustrated man was no secret. He left a six-page suicide note, narrating how he had tried to reach out to his relatives, one of whom is a Member of Parliament, but none bothered to come to his aid.

While confirming the incident, Likoni police boss Jane Munywoki said detectives were exploring different angles to establish the real motive of the death, besides what the deceased narrated in the notes.

“The DCI officers have commenced investigation and we are also waiting for an autopsy report to ascertain the exact cause of death,” said Munywoki.

Locals woke up on Thursday to a dead body of Kelvin Majiwa, dangling from a tree, with some expressing regret for not helping him.

In the notes, Majiwa, who lived alone and hails from Siaya County, had expressed “frustrations from close family members.”

In the note the deceased refers to his brother and family as uncooperative, since he has been ailing and trying to reach out to them but no help was forthcoming.

He went ahead to list some of the friends whom he thanked for once in a while helping him. He further thanked three doctors who had treated him earlier.

Justus Omondi, a neighbour, said he has known the deceased for the last one year and he had complained the previous night, saying he had suffered enough and couldn’t take it anymore.

“He told me he needed urgent medication, but had no money the family he depends on has ignored him,” Omondi said.

Majiwe went on and on in the note to complain about his wife, whom he accuses of deserting him when he was fired. The body was taken to Coast General mortuary.


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