Newly Appointed UPDF Amisom Commander Brig Richard Otto Visits Frontline Troops.


The newly deployed UPDF AMISOM Sector One Commander Brig Richard Otto has visited the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) based at KM50, Lantabur and Arbiska respectively.

The sector commander was visiting the FOBs for the first time since his takeover of sector one command and control on the 19th December 2019.

Brig Otto was briefed on the general security situations by the frontline commanders after which he inspected troop alertness in respective FOB defence.

In his remarks to the troops, Otto implored officers to be vigilant and security conscious to avoid unnecessary casualties. “You have to be very security conscious. I don’t want negligence especially casualties which are man-made.” The General stressed.

The General reminded officers that they are in Somalia as pan Africanists and encouraged them to cooperate.

He also encouraged commanders to be close to the Somalis and mentor them to gain capacity to take charge of their country’s security. “I encourage you to be close to the Somalis. Support, mentor and train them so that they can be able to take over their country.” Brig Otto said.


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