NORTHERNEWSWIRE | South African singer, Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s visit to Uganda was cut short after she got deported before her performance in the eve of the Ugandan.

According to Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, Chaka Chaka was destined to headline a show at Enkuuka at Lubiri Mengo but this was cut short after she was found to have entered the country with an ordinary visa which could not allow her to perform or indulge in any money making venture.

“She was escorted to Entebbe Airport by police and a team from immigration department prior to the show where she was advised to reconsider applying for a working visa but she refused” Enanga said.

Responding to the wide speculation on her alleged deportation Chaka Chaka denied the allegations saying “I took the decision of going back at free will without any force or pressure of deportation”.

However earlier news reports indicated how the artist had been allegedly detained inside her room at Pearl of Africa Hotel where she had been staying since Monday when she stepped into the country.

Abbe Musinguzi aka Abitex could not trace the whereabouts of Chaka Chaka saying, “Yvonne’s issue is hard to understand. The last time I spoke to her in the morning, she was leaving the hotel to come for a soundcheck at the venue. But I was later informed that she was being detained by security officers at the hotel who said they were offering her security. She was refused to leave the hotel,”.


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