The 80Billion Hand Hoe Order is a Disputatious Enigma.


Guest Post: Oryem Kissinger: – When the president made regional tour and was speaking wealth creation, he was seemingly serious and made poverty look the worst form of violence since it has the power to make it difficult for man to think nobly when thinking of only earning a living.

If a country is well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of and to me, it was this kind of thinking that made the president to decide to move and tell people to move away from subsistence farming to commercial farming.

I get shy to think, the person of the president today orders parliament to pass a supplementary budget of 80Billion for hand hoes!!! What happened to the middle income ideology?

Maybe we break down how ineffective hand hoe is putting into consideration time and life expectancy.

When a man uses hand hoe, s/he shall take 6-8 hours to complete half an acre.
In a week, he shall have used 42 hours
In a month, 168 hours
In a year 2,016 hours.
In a year there are 8760 hours
If 2, 016 is wasted in digging an acre and 20,000,000 people are using hand hoe, what is your imagination about the future of Uganda in 10 years?

I therefore challenge all of you who rushes to confer political legitimacy to MPs who looks at extreme poverty of majority as a source of manipulation to think carefully about the future of Uganda.

Combating poverty is like fighting HIV. The government must be honest and serious NOT not just a mock poverty fight that has been seen in the name of Operation Wealth Creation, Prosperity for all, Entandikwa, PRDP, NUSAF.

The government should give people real opportunity, not just a ray of hope.

I henceforth show my disinclination to buy this idea.
Rather build a hoe factory with 80billion to employ and also produce hoe here in Uganda.


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