Uganda Anti-Corruption Network a Propaganda Machine – Mwaka Lutukmoi.


Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, head of statehouse anti corruption unit, is the biggest layer of corruption. Mother being a Muhima, a Muganda father and a husband from west Nile,  she cuts the best covert activist figure by the tribal thieving regime. 

Formed under article 99 (4) of the constitution,  the office is supposedly to be a rapid response unit, a bridge between the President,  the public and anti corruption groups. But are there established bodies ? Why ignore them for chest thumping Edith.  Look hidden case like Isimba dams with Kadaga of parliament with strong evidence. But why Edith ignore?

We have; Anti corruption bodies like the IGG, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Anti-corruption coalition,  Anti-corruption courts, Director of public prosecution ( DPP) , Auditors General (AG) etc but being clandestinely destroyed. 

The Edith’s department brags of achievements of making 115 arrests in 44 diarists, prosecuting 88 and convicting 7 by September 2019.

In April, 2019  BOU hoax. The resent arrests including the BOU saga of April 2019 are all stage managed to show that government has zero tolerance to corruption.

All the so called bosses implicated were released and case forgotten but they are facilitated. The team benefits, another, administrative expenses in presidency to promote patronage. 

If they are serious, hang them, make corruption a capital offence punishable by death! We must have a new beginning, let parliament come with punitive laws to make corruption very expensive. In China and North Korea, corruption and even bribery are capital offense punishable by death. 

In April 2019, the governor Bank of Uganda, Mr. Emmanuel Mutebile, invited the state house’s Nakalema to investigate theft in the Bank. To cleanse him, the uncleans able. 

Already parliament then, the committee on commissions, statutory Authorities and state enterprises conducted an investigation on BOU and reported irregularities in the closures of defunct Banks with clear indications that officials at the bank could have benefited financially. 

The moral question is, why did Mutebile, a close associate of Museveni invite state house instead of CID? 

Again in June, it’s party after Party! Corruption bonanza in Uganda’s big corruption casino, ‘patronage and dictatorship. What happened? 

The news of BOU, URA, and Civil Aviation Authority officials were arrested over printing money.  They stole and printed on behalf of Uganda, shillings 90 billion ( $ 24million ) and the same government officials rescinded the story,  again shillings 200 billion ( $54 million) was printed allegedly. 

Uganda on paper looses $300 million yearly.  The corruption bonanza is the thing, the Museveni’ regime has its lifeblood on corruption.  This is a result of patronage which inhibits high level corruption, and the corrupt are rewarded other than punished. 


” Untouchables, come rain, come sunshine, they’re never going to court, not while there’s somebody close to them in power, that is because of the politics involved ” A prosecutor in Anti-corruption court on May, 21, 2013. Remember order from above. 

” This court is tired of trying Tilapias when the crocodiles are left to swim. ” Justice John Bosco Kabatsi, in June 29th 2010 after ruling a case.  In Uganda, its Party after Party, drama after dramas, that has kept impunity and patronage. They always let the big fish swim and let high levels corrupt swim freely as long as the money will bribe voters to keep the regime. 

High profile cases. 

The Nakalema caricature of fights against corruption is an abuse and a show akin to the Anti corruption walk Museveni and corrupt pregnant men did while locking corruption in statehouse, their homes, churches, and cars!

Cases that makes Nakalema, a joker.

There are many but I will delve into a few that robbed the poor and sick Ugandans. 

  1. The OPM 2012, $12.7 million, meant to help the Northern and Eastern Ugandans poor who went through a genocide for 2 decades.  Remember the plastic axes and hoes, Nobert Mao, Gulu chairman then exposed! Most if not all the culprits are free. It’s meant for PRDP.  Plan for recovery, development and peace. 
  2. The Global fund eaten off, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunization.  GAVI Money eaten in millions of dollars. Those suffering from Aids, TB, and malaria died but some of them bounced back as ministers. Remember the Muhezi etc. et al. No one was prosecuted. 
  3. Presently, Hon. Anite Evelyn, minister for investments, declared the interests of Mafias in grabbing UTL, UTL has assets worth billions of shillings.  It’s over sea investment alone on West Indian Submarine cable company is at 9.13%, $10 million.  

Every mafia was salivating.  Thank God, Anite tried to save us, but everything, including Lt col Nakalema state house group is just a D-COY. Actually, all parastatals like UTL were moneyed but the regime holder, call them mafias shares. It’s sad that they use small people, who are implicated at the altar of the innocent small fish. 

In 2016; Hon Sam Kutesa received $500.000 from a Chinese, Mr Patrick ho, now convicted in American jail for bribery. President Museveni is implicated.  Can Nakalema investigate these big fish? This is the known ones, on oil, on other natural resources is insurmountable. 

I conclude by noting that, Ugandans are given a raw deal by many in leadership, the reason for overstay of Museveni in power is patronage, a patronage that has made economics out of politics. Call it Econopolitics.  Ugandans must not think they have even an opposition that want change, disunity, helps the regime to remain in power and their business. MPs get ATLEAST 20 million shillings monthly, they can afford to live. Now the young people must think twice and cause a generation change, the old are fighting for themselves, business and family. 

Whats your take?


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