Obua’s First Visits As Minister, Receives Heroic Welcome In Ajuri

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QFM – The state minister for sports Denis Hamson Obua on Sunday received a heroic welcome by his constituents as he made his first visits as a
state minister of sports. Obua was among the new faces in president
Museveni’s cabinet following a reshuffle two weeks ago.

The Ajuri county Mp clad on a white free wear shirt, a black khaki trouser and an army green army-like boots left Lira town in his Land cruiser car and hit the road from Lira town for his constituency.

His journey was then brought to abrupt stop at Agali, the border of Lira and Alebtong district as he met a group of boda boda riders numbering 58. They were from Amugu and Abako sub counties, all in Alebtong district.

The jubilant boda Boda wearing yellow T-Shirts with inscriptions “Obua Ajuri” welcomed Obua with ululations, shouting Atin Alwak, Our minister”. They then forced Obua off his car and the youthful minister had no choice than to pick one of the motorcycles which he rode alongside the youth for over 15kms to Abunga parish in Amugu Sub County.

While in Amugu, Obua told his constituents majorly women that he was humbled by president Museveni’s decision to elevate his status to the position of minister pending vetting by parliament.

“ I am humbled and happy for this new appointment, but I want to thank
you because it was through your votes and blessings as the people of Ajuri that president Museveni elevated my status”, Obua told the gathering.

He later gave hand hoes to over 300 women drawn from 13 villages of
Abunga parish in Amugu Sub County and asked them to work hard and
produce food for their families and to fight house hold poverty.

Obua also “commissioned” the power line extension in Amugu Sub County
under Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited. On behalf of the government of Uganda
and on my own behalf, I now switch on this light to show that
electricity has finally reached Amugu” Obua said


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