37 Years of Museveni “We Cried, Died, Buried but Lived”

Mwaka Emmanuel
Mwaka Emmanuel former Deputy RDC Lira

Gen MUSEVENI became a general from Luwero in Buganda, colonel Besigye also a Colonel from Luwero bush like most current Generals; it was1980s.

It was all because of what they called liberation against bad guns from the north to a Democratic gun. 33 years, colonel is being haunted and tortured by the same good democratic guns they brought.

Unfortunately, it’s become autocratic and kleptocratic not a Democratic gun sought with blood and iron. Its shenanigan is about regime protection, guns and use, pecking order a reserve of a family, of one but a General who gerrymandered all but scathingly ridicule a colonel reduced to his play thing.

Like the General Museveni became a General from Luwero, let colonel Besigye become a General elsewhere, because Kitgum like any northern districts had enough bloodshed! Forgive the pun, not being unpatriotic but genuine.

We had bad guns from Europe, the one held by our own brothers were just bloody that needed national unity and reconciliation, dailique!

Yes, the General must go, will go, but like a tick sucking Uganda’ blood, like the one that sucks cows in our krall, it will leave a blood spot in Uganda’s body politic like when we remove tick from cow.

What am I saying, we opposed, we cried, we died. We survived by chance died by their design, we fought with the last atom in our strength, our leaders reduced to nothing but we live dreaming for change.

It will come but spare the vanquished! Yes, the arch Bishop, a peaceful man, freedom fighters all agree, that a freedom fighter will overcome the very strong one day! Courage of a woman in labour! By: Lutukumoi I Uganda scholar based in I USA


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