I Paid My Own Dowry, It Still Hurts – Ann Kansiime.

Comedienne Ann Kansiime and Ojok, when they were still together
Comedienne Ann Kansiime and Ojok, when they were still together

Very often we are told to ‘forgive and forget’ but is it really easy to forget? An kansiime asked months after her Marriage hit a rock.

Two years ago, comedienne Anne Kansiime ended her five-year marriage with Gerald Ojok. Shortly after the breakup, the two had a bitter exchange on internet as they washed their dirty linen in public.

According to Kansiime, one of the reasons she opted to end the relationship is that she was rushed into it and in the end, it didn’t work as she had expected.

She has managed to move on with her life, found a new lover man but the fond memories and moments with Ojok lingers on. She is finding it had to let go claiming she used all her saving to offset their marriage.

“I have failed to comprehend what truly happened then and I am finding it hard to forgive and forget my ex-husband”

On August 3, 2019, Anne Kansiime hosted Nana Kaga on her YouTube Channel. The two were discussing their personal experiences with wedding meetings. From the pressure of contribute money to weddings, and all the other technicalities around the topic, their discussion somehow found its way to Kansiime’s ex-husband.

“At a Kwanjula ceremony, the couple is given a marriage certificate and they can live together as husband and wife,” Nana wondered why couples invite their friends to contribute to introduction ceremonies.

“That is how mine was called a marriage,” Kansiime interrupted.

“No, you were confused, you paid your own bride price,” said Nana.

It is then that Kansiime explained how she ended up paying her bride price, to make it easy for Mr Ojok to marry her.


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