Guest Post I William Owor– In the famous Chiefdom of Puranga, located in present-day Omoro District, Acholiland, respect, loyalty, obedience, good old charm and love won the crown for a young man from the Chiefdom of Parumu (located in present-day Kalongo Town, Agago District, home of yours truly!).

This lucky young Parumu man went by the names of Ogwang Okok and here is now he ascended the throne of one of Acholi’s most prominent chiefdoms.

Puranga Chiefdom takes its name from Rwot Oranga, its eponym, who led his people from Karamoja, a journey continued by successive Rwodi until they arrived and settled at their current location.

During the reign of Rwot Cunyu Agara, his cousin, a Parumu man named Adokodano came by to visit Puranga along with his son named Ogwang Okok. During this stay, Rwot Cunyu Agara tragically died and the Puranga crown fell vacant.

Rwot Cunyu Agara had as his wife, Queen or Dak-ker Kicaa Auru. Unfortunately, she had no issue (child) or heir-apparent with Rwot Cunyu Agara.

She had been unable to conceive. Rwot Agara did, however, have a son called Olwoc Mutu with another wife. Would Olwoc succeed his father to become Rwot/Monarch of Puranga? There was to be a catastrophic twist in this saga.

During the mourning period for Rwot Cunyu, Dak-ker would prepare meals for the mourners and Ogwang Okok would obediently take the meals to the elders as requested.

He was loyal and cooperative and this won him the affections of the Queen, Kicca-Auru, the Dak-ker and would stand him ultimately close to the crown. In fact, Ogwang became her consort.

Olwoc Mutu on the other hand, when sent to serve the Akeyo meal (a type of vegetable) to the mourning elders would instead take all the food to his Otogo (bachelor hut) and eat it all himself! This selfishness and disobedience would cost him dear!

So when the Puranga council of elders convened to select a successor to the deceased Rwot Agara, there was a unanimous agreement to reject Olwoc Mutu outright as the next Rwot of Puranga. The elders categorically cited Olwoc’s selfishness (from not serving the Akeyo meals as instructed but instead eating it all himself!) as the reason for his rejection.

Ogwang Okok on the other hand was loyal, obedient and unselfish and was duly selected as Rwot of Puranga!

There was to be a further twist in this succession episode, a tragic one at that, for when Olwoc Muttu was rejected by the Council of elders for the Rwotship, he doubled-down on his mischief by stealing the Puranga royal regalia from Queen/Dak-ker Kicaa Auru and burying them in some unknown location.

This abomination so displeased the gods and led to a biting famine in Puranga that killed many. Seeing his people dying in numbers prompted Olwoch to confess to the theft of the royal regalia. He retrieved and returned them.

Once again the Council of Puranga elders convened a meeting and given the gravity of the crime and consequential deaths of the Puranga people, Olwoc was served the ultimate punishment, the death sentence. With his fate sealed, Owoch Mutu, son of Rwot Cunyu Agara was stoned to death in Puranga for his misdeed!

The MORAL this story is that loyalty, obedience, and integrity are absolutely vital virtues in life, whilst selfishness, disobedience and thievery are destructive and detrimental vices that can incur significant consequences!


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