Open Pursuit: TUZINNE FESTIVAL Blocked, LGBTIQ Person Lashed Out of National Theatre.


It was all smiles as fans made their way to the National theater to come be part of the third edition of the famous TUZINNE FESTIVAL:Where human rights dance.

At 4pm a local team from Bugisu where on their drums matching around the theater in a buildup activity. This was followed by a matching band trying to attract the attention of the crown to draw close to the event stage.

However, the event was cut short when Police officers stormed the auditorium where a group was performing and demanded the show be stop immediately on pretext that it was promoting LGBT activities.

Oscar Ssenyonga, the coordinator of TUZINNE FESTIVAL didn’t deny police’s accusations that he was promoting what police claimed was pervasive behavior. Instead Ssenyonga directed the participants to go ahead with the show using their mobile phone torches.

Uganda Police this evening used teargas to stop TUZINNE FESTIVAL that was taking place at the National Theater because of the organizers’ connections with the LGBT community.

“We have been notified that this show is about promoting homosexuality we will not allow it to happen” said one unidentified Police officer.

Alluding to his accusation, the officer pointed finger at some male performers who were already on stage by referring to them as gay by the virtue of the dress code.

A scuffled ensured as, Oscar Ssenyoga, the founder and curator of TUZINNE FESTIVAL defied police verbal orders and ordered the team to proceed with their performance.

A number of police clad in their uniforms and some in non uniforms sized up the auditorium prompting fans to run out of the theater for their lives.

On his side Oscar remobilized the crowd at the entrance of the theatre where he proposed at least an item “Fashion Show” featuring persons with disabilities, transgender and persons with albinism be allowed to go on but all in vain.

“if the fashion show is going to include those me dressed like ladies then we shall not tolerate it” Police officer again roared prompting a scuffled that witnessed lights switched off from the theatre.

According to Oscar Ssenyonga, there was no reason for police to stop the show midway. “We planned this show five month ago if they knew very well the composition of people we had planned to bring onboard. We have the LGBT who were meant to do a fashion catwalk but see how we are being treated”

Furious and upset, Oscar asked members still present to light up their phones to pave way for the fashion show to go on shortly after the lights had been switch off.  

The models walked their way onto the run way and before they could finish up their race, Police had been prompted to use tear gas to stop forth their action.

The incidence comes in less than a week after police raided Ram’s bar located at Crested Towers building and arrested over 60 members of the LGBT community.

Over the past few days, their lawyers have been trying to secure their freedom, but many remain locked up in jail and are scheduled to appear before court on Monday November 19, 2019.

Efforts to reach Police for comment on the raid was fruitless but Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango earlier this week denied the allegation that Police was being used to destabilize members the LGBT community in Uganda.

Earlier play in the auditorium
Curtain raisers
Oscar shortly before performance kicked off in the auditorium
The an inclusive modelling session that got Police tear gassing revealers.


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