Exposed: Lira RDC Accused of Using Fake Academic Transcript

Milton Odong Lira
Milton Odong Lira the accused Resident District commissioner Lira.

Milton Odongo, a teacher from Omwonyolee P/S, Otuke district has come out and accused RDC Lira for impersonation.

Odongo made the claim saying he is the “Original” Milton Odongo whose papers the Lira RDC was suing to dupe people.

“The RDC’s real name are Okwany Aguti but decided to use my name and academic papers to scoop juicy jobs” – Odong said.

We asked Odong how the accused had come to land his hands on his academic documents and he was quick to say he had earlier on given his paper to the RDC to help link to a job in Jinja.

However, after handing over the documents to the RDC, I learned later that he had Baptized himself as Samuel Odur Odongo and not “Okwany Aguti” that I knew.

Adding that since then, the RDC has been impersonating him and acquiring jobs using his academic documents.

“Okwany Aguti never went through school, and was never baptized, that’s why he doesn’t have a Christian name.”- The teacher lamented.

“Ask him about his Primary School, his OBs, his OGs, his teachers, his headmasters, and see”. He said.

However, the victim Odongo in the RDCs capacity has since refused to comment on the accusations.


Okello Andrew Orlando “Am not an admirer of the RDC but I sense malice. In 2000 I was in S4 in Almond college I remember bwana RDC sitting UCE with us, its therefore an accusation of logic and malice filtered with lies that the dude never saw the blackboard. He could have borrowed papers at some stage but the “Odongo” I know sat UCE in 2000 when he was still a mobiliser in the office of RDC.

“You too know it quite well that you gave away your paper to someone to help him (now RDC) secure you a job, a decade later you are raising a criminal case of which you are seemingly an accomplished” said Otto Dominic.

 “The RDC is very arrogant, let’s see his rudeness here as far as this allegation is concerned we are watching” Samuel Odur Odongo.


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