Anthony Akol Rants on Social Media Over Appa Land Money Scandals.

Anthony Akol

Anthony Akol, MP Kilak North, Amuru District has been accused for mending land related issues in Apaa but Akol is not happy claiming that he is being dragged into the saga thus is open rant on social media. He had this to say,

“I have read many post on money meant for Apaa contributed by our brothers and sisters from the diaspora. Also spies have been sent to Apaa to record voices of the local community of Apaa by politicians to implicate the leaders of Amuru.

I rarely react to social media posts but I took my time to meet the chairman and this is what I can say on behalf of the leaders mentioned.

1. As leaders of Amuru, we have taken the problem of Apaa to our hearts and no single leader can take the problem for monetary benefits.

2. The money contributed was put to use by opening account which has 3 signatories.

3. The community elected 11 committee members who consulted and came out with priorities where the money should be spent.

4. The expenditures on Apaa can never be accounted for on social media.

5. We have spent and we are spending too much on this problem of Apaa and whoever wants to contribute for Apaa should continue to give a helping hands. So many activities on Apaa could have come to your notice and we are funding without contributions from the community.

6. You can kindly get in touch with chairman Micheal Lakony and Fr David Okullu for more information.

7. Get your politics out of Apaa and we shall never get diverted by detractors.


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