Hope we learnt something about HUMILITY and FAITH in the LIFE of Dr Olara Otunnu.

Dr Olara-Otunu - Online Photo

• Born in a humble family in Mucwini, Kitgum
• OB Anaka Primary School Nwoya district
• OB Gulu High School
• OB Kings College Budo (HP)
• Makerere University (Laws)
– Guild President Makerere University 1972
• Oxford University LLB (Law Hons)
– Roomate to future British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR
• Harvard Law School (LLD)
– Professor of Law at Harvard & Albany NY ’88
– Taught Future US President BARACK OBAMA
– Attorney at Law (New York Bar)
• President of the United Nations Security Council, 1981
• Uganda Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1985 – 1986
• Chairman of the UN General Assembly, 1982
• Uganda’s Ambassador & Permanent UN Representative
• UN Under-Secretary General and Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, 1998 – 2005
• UPC Party President (2010 – 2015)

Its alleged that despite being the top candidate for UN Secretary General when Rotation last came to Africa, the Uganda Gov’t refused to endorse him for his many harsh (good) criticisms of the long LRA — NRA war in Northern Uganda.

He only needed his home country backing, it went to his good friends Boutros Butros-Ghali and later Koffi Annan. What a legend.

Anyway, friends with all these decades of public service and achievements, outstanding political and diplomatic leadership, this is still a sketchy profile, of cos as I have left out his many Global Prizes and Awards, Publications, Advisory boards and societies membership and other itinerary of leadership and advisory roles due to space.

There’s a good lesson about his pilgrimage with our Gulu people last week there in, that we rarely observe from many successful people today.

Please let us remain HUMBLE. When God raises you very high, please keep your Faith in Him. Don’t let your success move further from God and People, let it move you closest.

Never forget your people and where you come from. I think that is called living Life in Christ and community, offering humanity your best, and not forgetting your roots! May God Bless him with more wisdom, health, wealth and age


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