Acholi Land Saga Wake Up Before You Sleep.

Oryem Kissinger the author

Guest Post I Oryem Kissinger – “When brothers fight to death, strangers inherit their properties”. Luo Proverb. Land is the most valuable resources in the world today BUT under Utilized unfortunately especially in Africa, but most importantly Northern Uganda.

The unspeakable horror that people of Northern Uganda was put through has left three generations languishing in the shadow of what a family should be, and how extended family functions. All the social fabrics intentionally ruptured by any party which all of us are aware of.

The Biggest strength and success of your enemy in dividing you to achieve its purpose. The fight for land within the family, extended families, clans etc over the years stand out to demonstrate the success of the enemy in dividing us and has exposed us to a level that we can’t even exploited the land and hence, has attracted predators.

The Biggest challenges that elders, leaders and everyone is faced with today is to unite the family, restore the roles of extended families, clans etc to have a common cause.

The thousands of kilometers of land can only be exploited when the poor unite and put their strength to work. All the elites of each village should ensure they invest in their own society and create awareness of “how hunting together will makes the Elephant ends up in a plate of everyone”.

Acoli in the Diaspora, however big a tree may look; if the roots are eaten up by termites, it will fall. Invest in the land of your forefathers and the generations yet to come. Do not let your strength be compromised and watered down by the land wrangles and the already complete theory of “destroy the young ones and soon we shall have all they got”.

Come home and empower the whole village. Do not mind of your own benefits for now, we are fighting a war that only few people will be able to see. The invisible hand is everywhere and we can’t just look on anymore.

Besides the above, we need to educate our own children with whatever little we got. I challenge all the leaders, elites and community members to contribute towards Acoli Education Scholarship scheme (AESS), where the finest of our own get opportunities to go to the finest Universities around the world to restore our plight. It is our responsibilities to nurture our own scholars if we want the Acoli Agenda to materialize.

Lastly, Acoli must wage a mega war against Alcohol if we want to get up now or sleep forever. Right from the elders to the young ones, all seems to a like


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