Pay Taxes if You Want Better Services – Henry Okello Oryem

Hon. Okello Oryem- The State Minister for Foreign Affairs

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem has taken a swipe at Ugandans for always demanding for better services yet they don’t want to pay taxes.

“If you pay the right taxes you will get all the best services that you want. Like in Germany you get the best medical services that is if you are involved in an accident, a helicopter will pick you from there. You get the best roads in Germany, best trains because they pay their taxes. They pay over 50% of their earnings in taxes to get the first class services,”Oryem said this on Thursday at the National Council for Higher Education offices in Ntinda.

Vox Pops – We asked our readers and this where their take on the matter in response to Hon Okello’s plea.

William Okidi  “He’s right. But in Germany 🇩🇪 taxes are meticulously collected and put to use and not corruptly stolen”

Simon Peter Omoro I think comparing Uganda and Germany in terms of service provision is definitely the wrong comparison to make…first world and third world not so cool bwona Oryem.

Jenkins Laloyo Lawoko It is really laughable and disappointing that the likes of Oryem would face the audience and camera and boldly lie to his teeth about Ugandans not paying enough taxes and its why service delivery is in adequate. When we all know that our citizens work their asses off and pay taxes above and beyond just to fatten the pockets of members of his club. URA is the hub, and mouse trap of milking the have nots, who struggle to keep their head above water.

They make so much money out of the wanainchi enough to build hospitals, police barracks for the robots who live in squalor but torture us, School 🚸 and all the other failing infrastructures. But what do you know, Oryem who is in denial knows fully well that all this would be possible far and beyond because Ugandans pay more than 50% of the taxes just to favour the big boys and not the people & infrastructure. OTT tax to pay for MPs phone bills, really! where in the hell does it come from? Treatment abroad for MPs Treatment meant for families of legislators etc….. Where does it end people? He is a disappointment

Syllogism-okello Olfg How I wish sycophants like Min. Oryem correlate tax expenditures and billions stolen in corruption statistically. See, some of these ministers who just find arguments that suit their points of views are why Ugandans are typically feuding…

Tutu Akaa It’s a big foolery!! If he pays the right taxes he talks about, why’s the road to Namokora(his ancestral home place ) not tarmacked??

Oryem Okello, be wise!! Don’t just talk for the sake.

Ocaya Thomas Oroma Pen-Mogi Who caused the cracks on both new bridge and new Karuma fall dam? Is it lacks of paying taxes or corrupt officials who awards tender and contract and subsequently contractors also do their jobs corruptly.

Daniel Ogenrwot This is irritating… especially coming from a minister. Please put more effort on fighting corruption then u will be surprised to see how much Ugandans are paying in term of taxes.

Jimmy Ewiru Hon. Minister I will agree with you that paying tax is our obligations as citizens of this country but the disappointing part of it is that you the MPs are exempted on a number of taxes and yet you guys earn big from tax payers money, in fact we expect you people to be exemplary to citizens by taking lead in paying taxes.


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