Apaa Land Wrangles: Oulanyah’s Appointment to Pilot Apaa Land Committee Attracts Mixed Reaction.

Who is who?
The shake up on all sides - Rugunda, oulanyah and Moses Ali

There is mixed reaction over the appointment of the deputy speaker Hon. Jacob Oulanyah to head the newly instituted committee. Oulanyah was appointed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to help resolve the long standing land conflict in Apaa

From Dr Rugunda being accused for failing talks, Dr Daniel Komakech the chairperson of the Acholi delegation said, during talks, they made their submissions for open debate and discussed but the premier could not compel the Madi team to do the same as agreed.

“To date, we don’t know what their proposals contain but we are optimistic that the new team will deliver as expected” Dr Komakech said.

Adding that despite chairing the committee, Rugunda dictated on every matter, acting authoritatively with nothing better to offer but executive orders.

Mr Ambrose Ola, the prime minister of Acholi Cultural Institution, said Mr Museveni’s decision to halt the evictions is vital.

“The earlier decision was going to worsen the situation. Let us hope that this committee listens to the people and comes up with better solutions to the people in the area that will see them live in peace,” he said.

Amuru District chairperson, Mr Michael Lakony is worried that the appointment of Mr. Oulanyah is a “tactical way of worsening the Apaa land conflict.

“Oulanyah comes from Acholi and in case he makes decisions that don’t favour the Acholi, he will be tagged as a traitor. The Madi people will on the other side blame him for taking sides if he comes out with positions that don’t favour them,” Lakony said.

 “For us the Madi team, we are ready to work with any government officials to see that the matter is settled peacefully,’’ said, Mr James Leku- Adjumani District chairperson.


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