House Girls Breaking Up Marriages

Archbishop Luke Orombi
Archbishop Luke Orombi

Former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi has said working women have become too lazy to handle their family roles leaving their duties to housemaids who have in turn ended up taking over the home.

“Majority of married women now waste their time on painting their fingers, plaiting their hair, visiting boutiques, attending wedding functions and their husbands are left in the houses with house maids,” Archbishop Orombi said.

We gathered views from our fans and this is what they had to say about Orombi’s statement.

Joseph Mwalye K Hi audience. If you allow me base my opinion on the biblical true. There is always a two-way responsibility for any married couple. Ephesians5.; 22-25. Wives to submit to their husbands…… as well as husbands are required to love their wives as Christ loved the church and even died for it. Therefore, we shouldn’t point guns to one side. Sin is sin regardless of who commits it. My advice is for each individual to understand role and play their part in a marriage, as success or failure can be caused by anyone of the two parties involved. Thanks everyone.

Sall Joseph Rukara Bishop you are totally wrong in your approach to today’s marriage life. These days it requires a man to be a man to have a working woman as a wife. Marrying a working professional woman has its own advantages and disadvantages you have to understand and respect her official commitments just like they do to ours. Maids are not a problem. Its planning that is a problem. Couples need to plan together as when one should be home or whatever. This is not 70s or early 80s when life was a bit easy for you guys. We are in every demanding life style which needs both women and men to contribute.

Sharon Embakazi Abola Bishop please remind the men of their roles too. If they were caring and providing all the family needs, women wouldn’t be career wives in the first place and no need for a house girl but they have neglected their roles and that’s why most women go fends for more money hence neglecting their roles. There is a big problem in marriage and both parties need to work together other than pointing an accusing finger to one side only.

Irene Ayot I like Archbishop Orombi very much. And he would be right unfortunately he left out the other part why working women have to work so hard coz the men have abandoned their duty of provision as well.

Joy Joyous Y is it that men always blame women for bad behavior of poorly brought up boys aka unreasonable husbands??! Bill’s got to be paid in this age a woman must HUSTLE for the quality of any family..


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