Acholi Parliamentary Group Revived What Next?

Okin PP
Okin PP, the Chairperson Acholi Parliamentary Group

In 1989, lawmakers from Acholi sub region formed the Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG) as a “solid force and forum” to engage the Government to respond to the needs of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), who were affected by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency.

APG’s advocacy was one of the reasons LRA insurgency reached the attention of the world, drawing international community’s condemnation of LRA atrocities as well as emergency assistance.

The APG was further a channel to front issues concerning the sub region in Parliament. From its conception, there should have been inclusion of some exe officials of cultural, religious leaders and Acholi elders to help substantiate Acholi agenda and bridge gap in any arising disparity.

The pre-ninth parliamentarians had a noble impact of functional issues worked on despite the ninth APG out showed hidden internal dissensions but was contained by the then Chairperson Hon Okumu Reagan.

For the factual point, the tenth APG picked up detrimentally hence leading in to total divisionism among members.

APG performance rating in relation to other parliamentary sub regional groupings was stuffed with less respect for elders, cultural and religious leaders with self-proclaimed demands for ministerial position and materials compared regional calls for industrialization, mineral deposit benefits among others.

These unrealistic demand spark an array of criticism from voters who faulted these self-seeking leaders for failing to front an agenda that identifies with the plight of the people and uncouth national presentation of parliamentary matters that at last failed to catch parliamentary interest.

Disintegration in the APG erupted like the molten volcanoes in the tenth parliament due to self-seeking interest, political gang formation like APG that Fronted article 102b/7 and original APG that sparked off the differences and dwindling impact of the whole group to the voters.

In instances where group members worked more like informers, substantial issues where neglected as political differences and egos took a center stage.

However, the revival of the APG comes like birth to unknown owner nevertheless all we can do is watch if the spirit and blood that has given birth to the new APG is a plus in driving Acholi unexpected dreams.

In relation to the breakage in the current APG, there is need for political rewiring of Acholi legislatures to avoid another political damage and circuit.

It’s good that Hon Okin PP Ojara has been entrusted to pick up and revive APG from its death bed irrespective of his political affiliation. However, one question that lingers on is how can unity and calm be restored in the once mighty and vibrant forum?

Hon okin and your team, we will cherish if your undisputable record and strategies are practiced and not merely stocked.

In a modified way, APG requires human resource deployment and they must find within its sustainability researchers, strategies and project proposal writers in order to produce a defined concept for Acholi agenda.

In conclusion, if all is to be accomplished, below are my proposed prime targets for the revived APG:

Unity of the Acholi legislative councilors to bring back hopes of a living APG, land, education, health of majorly nodding syndrome victims, environment and traditional corruption in local government and economic stand should be put to a halt.

Finally , I would like to vividly spell out that never shall one register to be an Acholi but by birth we are who we are and so strive to unmask your humane aspect of humanity and not being driven by ego.

Onencan Robinson Acen is a Patriot, Poet, Writer, Non Partisan. Ugandan who loves adventure. You can reach him on:


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