UPDF officer who killed 4 Family Members Earn Life Behind Bars.


UnityFM: Isaac Newton Okello, the UPDF soldier who yesterday pleaded guilty to the murder of four family members has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Private Isaac Newton Okello, 43-years old UPDF soldier attached to the 3rd Infantry Division in Moroto yesterday pleaded guilty to shooting dead a 35-year-old Emmy Okello (his brother), a 29-year-old Betty Arao (wife to the brother who was seven months pregnant) and their three-year-old son, Elvis Okullo.

With four counts of murder yesterday, the 3rd Infantry Division court martial chaired by Col J.B Katongole in Alebtong District, sentenced Okello to 80 years’ imprisonment for each count. He is meant to serve the sentences concurrently.

Okello told court that he killed his brother because of land wrangles. Pt Okello also told court that he was bitter with his brother for grabbing his girlfriend. He further accused the late Emmy Okello of using witchcraft to kill their other brother, something he said prompted him to revenge by shooting the whole family.


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